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Главная » 2009 » Сентябрь » 22 » Naruto Shippuuden Movie III: Inheritors of the Will of Fire Original Soundtrack
Naruto Shippuuden Movie III: Inheritors of the Will of Fire Original Soundtrack
Naruto Shippuuden Movie III: Inheritors of the Will of Fire Original Soundtrack

Album Info:

* Composer = Aniplex
* Title = Naruto Shippuuden Movie III:Inheritors of the Will of Fire Original Soundtrack
* Label = Sony
* Release Country = Japan
* Release Date = July 29, 2009
* Movie Theme = PUFFY - Dareka Ga

Tracklist: (Google Translated)

1 牙 (Fang)
2 飛光 (Light flying)
3 無音歌 (Silence Song)
4 遠雷 (Thunder)
5 放浪者 (Wanderer)
6 宵月 (Evening)
7 火垂 (Appendix)
8 咆哮 (Roar)
9 記憶 (Storage)
10 烙印 (Branding)
11 宵待草 (Evening Primrose)
12 火炎 (Flame)
13 飛雲 (Flying cloud)
14 火走 (Propelled)
15 映火 (Eiji)
16 夜行 (Nocturnal)
17 砂塵 (Dust)
18 修羅 (Shura)
19 死海 (Dead Sea)
20 跳梁跋扈
21 御伽草子 (Otogizōshi)
22 流転 (Protean)
23 葉隠 (Hagakure)
24 光輝 (Mitsuteru)
25 大河 (River)
26 炎上 (On Fire)
27 迫暮
28 卑留呼
29 羽風
30 聖火 (Torch)
31 盲獣 (Blind Beast)
32 闘神 (Arena Toshinden)
33 炎 (Fire)
34 夕凪 (Yunagi)
35 薫風
36 旅路 (Journey)

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