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Главная » 2009 » Декабрь » 20 » NARUTO Shippuuden Original Soundtrack II
NARUTO Shippuuden Original Soundtrack II
NARUTO Shippuuden Original Soundtrack II


  • Композитор - Takanashi Yasuharu
  • Название - Naruto Shippuuden Original Soundtrack II
  • Лейбл - Aniplex
  • Страна - Япония
  • Дата выхода - 16 декабря 2009 года


  1. 昇竜 Rising Dragon (Shouryuu)
  2. 臨界 Critical State (Rinkai) (alternative could be "State of Emergency")
  3. 撃破 Crushing (Gekiha)
  4. 彩霞 Colorful Mist (Saika)
  5. 預言者 Prophet (Yogensha)
  6. 飛段 Hidan
  7. 角都 Kakuzu
  8. 紅炎 Crimson Flames (Kouen)
  9. 乱髪 Unkempt Hair (Ranpatsu)
  10. 埋葬 Burial (Maisou)
  11. 白詰草 White Clover (Shirotsumekusa)
  12. 漂泊 Wandering (Hyouhaku)
  13. 難攻不落 Impregnable (Nankoufuraku)
  14. 疾空 Foreboding Skies (Shikkuu)
  15. 試練 Trial (Shiren)
  16. 読心術 Mind-Reading (Dokushinjutsu)
  17. 紅蓮 Guren
  18. 黒点 Sunspot (Kokuten)
  19. 緋文字 The Scarlet Letter (Himonji)
  20. 儀礼 Courtesy (Girei)
  21. 紅薔薇 Red Rose (Benibara)
  22. 山霞 Mountain Haze (Yamaka)
  23. 千夜 Many Nights (Sen'ya)
  24. 幻視 Hallucination (Genshi)
  25. 白映 The Rain Stops (Shirobae)
  26. 落葉船 Floating Dead Leaves (Ochibabune)
  27. 鳴神 Screaming God (Meishin)
  28. 五月雨 Early Summer Rain (Samidare)


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