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    NARUTO World - Форум » Наш клан и люди » Общение » 460 spoiler!!!
    460 spoiler!!!
    Конан Хаюми Дата: Понедельник, 17.08.2009, 18:06 | Пост # 1 |

    Ядик desu ~


    Никнейм: PoizoN
    Группа: Зам-админ
    Сообщений: 132
    Репутация: 3
    Поощрения: 5
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    Ранг: Нукенин
    Анкета: Ссылка
    (Kage Scene)
    White Zetsu: Uchiha Sasuke is intruding… So, where do you think he is hiding?
    Raikage: What?!
    Tsuchikage: An Akatsuki, here?!
    White Zetsu: That’s right…
    Mifune: Summon all Samurai, quick!
    Bald Guard: Yes, Mifune-sama! (vanishes)
    Gaara: Uchiha Sasuke, here?
    Mizukage: Ao!
    Ao: Yes, ma’am! (searches the building with his Byakugan) He’s…!
    Sasuke: (suddenly appears behind Mifune, with a Chidori Katana near Mifune’s throat; the remaining guard drops dead) Inside. (White Zetsu disappears)

    (Taka Scene)
    (Taka is running to Kage’s Summit building)
    Karin: I knew that Zetsu was bad news!
    Suigetsu: We must help Sasuke!
    Juugo: Right. (the trio tries to enter the building, but White Zetsu appear before them)
    White Zetsu: Fu fu fu fu… I can’t allow that!
    Karin: What?!
    White Zetsu: Fu fu fu fu… (the ground below Taka starts to swallow them)
    Karin: What is this?!
    Suigetsu: Let me go! (they vanish into the ground)
    White Zetsu: Now, wait for the show to end… (he disappears through the ground)

    (Kage Scene)
    Raikage: Uchiha Sasuke!
    Sasuke: I’m flattered you know my name…
    Raikage: Quit being arrogant, brat, don’t you think I forgot about what you done to my brother, Kirabi!
    Sasuke: I did nothing to him.
    Raikage: Are you insane?! You attacked him and took him away!
    Sasuke: Not quite. ( the rest of Taka gets up) We thought we captured him, but he got away. He’s most certainly alive, hiding somewhere.
    Raikage: I don’t trust the words of an Akatsuki!
    Sasuke: Do as you please. Now where were we… oh, right, I don’t care about the rest of you, I’m here for Danzou.
    Danzou: It seems you caught up to me… hahahaha!!!
    Sasuke: Don’t laugh, you son of a b*tch! You’ll pay for what you done to the Uchiha clan!
    Danzou: I only did what was necessary to keep balance and harmony in Konoha.
    Sasuke: Don’t make such pitiful excuses!
    Samurai: Mifune-sama!
    Sasuke: Looks a fine time to show you your death. (he activates Mangekyo Sharingan)
    (Naruto Scene)
    (Yamato’s wood clone is spying near the entrance of the Kage Summit’s building. All the Samurai are withdrawing to the interior)
    (Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato are inside an house/inn)
    Yamato: The Samurai are being summoned to the Kage Summit as we speak.
    Kakashi: Something big must be going on in the Summit. I wonder what it is…
    Naruto: What if it is Sasuke?!
    Kakashi: Don’t jump into conclusions, Naruto. It can be some squabble between the Kages.
    Yamato: Are you certain of that, Kakashi-senpai?!
    Kakashi: If I was certain, I wouldn’t wonder, would I?!
    Naruto: No matter, the Samurai aren’t watching, it’s our chance to crash the Summit! We got to go there!
    Kakashi: There’s no stopping you, is there, Naruto? (Naruto smiles) Ok, let’s go!

    (Konoha Scene)
    (Shikamaru, Sai, Sakura and Shizune are in the tent)
    Shikamaru: If that’s what you want to do, fine. Are you going to wait for him to tell him?!
    Sakura: No. I won’t wait for Naruto anymore! I’ll go to him!
    Shikamaru: You’ll go there? But by the time you get there, Naruto will be returning to the village!
    Sakura: I know, but nonetheless I’ll go.
    Shikamaru: If you go, I’ll go too. I must be certain the message is delivered.
    Sakura: You don’t trust me?
    Shikamaru: It’s not a matter of trusting you or not, you’re an emotional wreck right now and you might get hurt in the process, I’ll go just to make sure Naruto knows our decision.
    Sakura: I… guess you’re right…

    (Kage Scene)
    (Mifune and his Samurai scream in agony, engulfed by Amaterasu, the Kages are shocked; their guards are in a defensive position)
    Sasuke: (with his back turned to the Kages, he’s looking to the flames) A death by fire, you should feel honored.
    Mizukage: Don’t move. I’ll use a Suiton jutsu! (she’s performing a Serpent hand seal)
    Danzou: It’s futile. (Mizukage breaks the hand seal) Amaterasu, the ever burning flames,

    will blaze everything it’s caster puts his sight on. Not even the most power Suiton can douse that fire.
    Sasuke: It seems that you’re familiar with Amaterasu… I’m impressed. (turns around)
    Danzou: Watch out!
    (Sasuke looks in the direction of the Kages, but a wall of Gaara’s sand blocks the way, starting to burn)
    Sasuke: Gaara, I was starting to miss your meddling sand…
    Gaara: I can’t hold the flames forever, what about a strategy?!
    Tsuchikage: Since you know so much about this jutsu, what do you suggest, Hokage?! (Danzou is silent)
    Raikage: Say something, you bastard!
    Sasuke: Since you won’t make your move, I’ll make mine. (powers up Chidori Sharp Spear, which begins to grow)

    (Naruto Scene)
    (They’re at the entrance of the Kage Summit’s building)
    Kakashi: It’s awkwardly silent.
    Yamato: What’s going on?! (Amaterasu’s flames appear from inside the corridor, leading to the Summit’s room)
    Naruto: These flames…
    Kakashi: Tenzou, seal the flames before it’s too late!
    Yamato: Yes, Kakashi-senpai! (they pick up a scroll, start to draw a seal and perform Bird, Rat, Horse and Tiger hand seals)
    Kakashi & Yamato: Fuuka Houin!* (vapour appears from the scrolls, engulfing Amaterasu and sealing it. The kanji 封, “seal”, appears on the scrolls; Naruto enters the corridor)
    Kakashi: Wait, Naruto!
    White Zetsu: (revealing his face in a near wall) This will be interesting…

    *Fire Sealing Method

    (Kage Scene)
    (Chidori Sharp Spear is almost piercing Gaara’s sand wall; Amaterasu disappears)
    Sasuke: What? (deactivates the Mangekyo Sharingan and stops Chidori Sharp Spear. A person’s silhouette is in the corridor, above the carbonized corpses) Who’s there?!
    Naruto: SASUKE!!!

    I am a nightmare haunting you
    I steal away your sleep
    A poison running through your veins
    A wound that always bleeds

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    Конан Хаюми Дата: Вторник, 18.08.2009, 12:41 | Пост # 2 |

    Ядик desu ~


    Никнейм: PoizoN
    Группа: Зам-админ
    Сообщений: 132
    Репутация: 3
    Поощрения: 5
    Статус: Не в сети

    Ранг: Нукенин
    Анкета: Ссылка
    -White Zetsu will attack the Raikage

    -Sasuke will reveal himself and launch his attack against Danzo.

    -Gaara, Temari, and Kankouro and Mizukage and her guards will attack Sasuke as well

    -Tsuikage and his bodyguards will target Zetsu and assist the Raikage

    -Madara is preparing the along with Black Zetsu statue to use against the 5 kages and plunge the world into chaos, as well as dispose of Sasuke, Zetsu has the ability to regenerate either half of his body.

    -Madara has been manipulating the Uchiha since his exile and used Shisui to manipulate the politics of Kohona, Itachi was the first person to resist the manipulative affects thus becoming an enemy of Madara's plans.

    -Sakura, Shikamaru, and the rest of the kohona 11 will head for the kage meeting

    -Sakura plans to ask Naruto to let her handle the caputuring of Sasuke to her and Ino.

    -Shikamaru will organize the teams in perparation for Sasuke.

    Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato will be alerted that the Kage meeting is under attack by Akatsuki and Team Taka by Team Samui.

    Naruto and will rush to engage Sasuke.

    White Zetsu will be taunting and shifting around the meeting room infuriating the Raikage, Tsukage and company.

    Gaara will ask Sasuke why he is doing Akatsuki's bidding, Sasuke will tell him he is doing it for revenge, Gaara will respond by telling him he hasn't changed at all.

    Danzo will unveil his sharigan against Sasuke shocking him promting him to ask how he got it.

    Danzo plans to kill Sasuke and implant his Sharingan eye into his right eye giving him the manipulative power of Shisui, and Sasuke's/Itachi's Man

    Chapter will end with Team Samui and Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato arriving at the meeting

    I am a nightmare haunting you
    I steal away your sleep
    A poison running through your veins
    A wound that always bleeds

    [Обратиться к PoizoN]
    †Нагатик† Дата: Вторник, 18.08.2009, 18:16 | Пост # 3 |


    Никнейм: _Nagatik_
    Группа: АНБУ
    Сообщений: 37
    Репутация: 1
    Поощрения: 0
    Статус: Не в сети

    А... там написано одно и то же..? А то неохота все это переводить Оо

    Прекращай ворчать, от этого морщины появляются! (с) Фукасаку-сама *____*
    Что-то он низко полетел, видать, к дождю © Layto-kun о полете Мира Богов от разенгана Наруто хД
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    Охренеть, целую главу он туда пёрся. © AKSEL47 (443)
    - мой кумирь *...*
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    NARUTO World - Форум » Наш клан и люди » Общение » 460 spoiler!!!
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